Econometrics Memes and Poems, 2021-2022

Non-credit assignments, Williams College, 2022

Memes and Poems by Williams College ECON-255 students, Academic Year 2021-2022

Meme by Maria Avrantini ‘23

LATE and defiers

Poem by Zola Baird ‘23

An Ode to the OLS Regression

An Ordinary Least Squares Estimator
Cuts through the noise to estimate the population data
It does this using its two friends Beta hat
These sample counterparts act as stand ins for the true population coefficients
And if they are useful, they will produce an R squared that is more than sufficient!

Meme by Zola Baird ‘23

Adjusted R-squared

Haiku by Lily Levin ‘23


We should embrace change.
Your growth diverges from B’s;
that’s why you’re unique.

Anonymous 255 Student meme 1

Data requirements of diff-in-diffs

Anonymous 255 Student poem

Metrics and Meter

After time spent researching and time spent pondering,
Our dataset stood clean, free of any error,
A testament to our intellectual wandering,
A beacon against ignorance, that statistical terror.
Through Stata, we learned and began our procession,
The strength to topple untrue fact,
Our tool, the linear regression,
And a commitment to truth as our pact.

Anonymous 255 Student meme 2

t statistic, reference a table, or just find and ask Student

Anonymous 255 Student haiku

stats, and the real world,
plus stata breaking